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ibd Top coats

  • ibd UV Light Topcoat - 1/2oz

    ibd UV Light Topcoat - 1/2oz

    IBD UV Light Topcoat - 1/2oz Spa quality topcoats for a fast, shiny and durable finish. * Fast dry time, longest durability and high shine * Dries with any UV lamp for a super-durable finish * Ideal for natural and artificial nails * Use over any...

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  • ibd Acrylic Bright .5 oz

    ibd Acrylic Bright .5 oz

    Protects artificial nails from UV. It enhances the brilliance bringing out the natural look of the nail. Dries in less than 2 minutes to a high gloss finish that will not dull between maintenance. No staining, peeling or chipping. Apply one coat over...

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